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Welcome to my kitchen... This is a resource for cooking, primarily vegetarian cooking. I'm glad you stopped by. I'm playing with my digital camera in preparation for some fun recipes to be posted here "real soon now". In the meantime, take a look at some of the unfinished new things and some of the old stuff.

Preview of Coming Things

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Bistro Classic

Jason's Cooking Philosophy
This page offers tips on preparing certain foods, using various cooking techniques, and making food beautiful as well as delicious.
Jason's Recipe Book
Some of my really old recipes with some very bad instructions.
Internet Food Resources
A collection of links to other resources for cooking, eating, and drinking. Until recently, this was the primary focus of my efforts on this page. I'll continue to update it, but my focus in the near future will be the expansion of my own content.

I am storing a copy of the Root beer FAQ, which explains how to make root beer from scratch using any of a number of possible methods.

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