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South Exit: To Other Ducky Places

These sites are listed because they may be useful for some people in their quest for the Duck. No endorsement or recommendation of this information or participation by any of the Popes of the Duck or any of the Prophets should be assumed.


Although we don't recognize their claim to being the "official" Duckist homepage, we thought you may find the Official Duckism Home Page a Ducky place to visit occasionally.

DuckCity is an interquacktive experience that needs to be seen to be believed.

Where else but New York would you find The Big Duck? If you can't make it to Long Island, try Wheaton, Minnesota.

Baby Duck


Golden Webbed Foot Ducks Unlimited of South Carolina works to protect the wetlands for the benefit of all the Ducks and other wetland creatures.


Duck Hunt. A picture game at York University in England.

Duckies On The Web. The fruits of the largest known effort to locate rubber Duckies on the web.

Hidden Duck


The Fish Duck Duck Nesting Studies. Everything you ever wanted to know about Duck reproduction but were afraid to ask.

If you (and your browser) can read Japanese, you'll want to take a look at KMORIS's Ducky Web Page. Everything you ever wanted to know about rubber Duckies in Japanese.


Home Pages with Ducky names

 World Wide Webfoot
Kaitlin Duck Sherwood

The Duck Pond
Mr. Duck

Virginia Tech Duck Pond
Rick Cameron
Virginia Tech University

Mallard Central
Frank and Kathy M.

Duckie Home Page
Nate Cosgray


Duck Picture Pages

Feathered Friends
Randy Martin

A photograph of the beach in Duck, NC
Unfortunately Duckless.

The Ducks on this page were mutated by Jason Truesdell.
Please do not reproduce or reuse without permission.
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