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Once upon a time I was a literature major. This involved taking classes so early in the morning that even my professors were not yet fully awake, or so late in the afternoon and for so long that everyone wanted to take their naps. For some, it was not mere desire.

But I was fond of literature and, at first, thought that a literature major would be a good outlet for my interest. I was wrong. So, one day, all of a sudden, I decided that my East Asian studies courses were much more interesting and declared my major as East Asian studies. This caused a world of havoc in my life, because I had already been accepted for an exchange program in Germany and the deadlines for programs in Japan were just passed. And what kind of East Asian studies courses would I find in Germany?

Well, everything worked out, and I completed my bachelor's degree in East Asian studies without anything tragic happening (except for being stabbed with a fork by an ex-girlfriend, not having enough money to pay my university bills, and being unable to return to my U.S. university immediately after the end of the exchange program). And, in spite of everything, or perhaps because of it, I've been combining the sorts of things that an English major would lead me to do with the sorts of things an East Asian studies major would lead me to do. Some of which appear below:

Samples of written work

Some of my own poems. Mostly unpublished.
Published newspaper samples
From my tenure as assistant editor at Northwest Asian Weekly:
Seafirst Business Profiles. Mei Mei Fortune Cookie Success Story. The original draft version; published version will be included shortly.
From my January 1994 internship at Northwest Asian Weekly:
"We would have to tell Martin...": Years after civil rights leader dies, his legacy is a troubled one. January 22, 1994.
Kitsap has multilingual 911, but nobody's using it. January 29, 1994
Much-loved Filipino man and son die in car crash. January 15, 1994.
He's down, but not out: A Japanese American who lost a bid to fill former Rep. Gary Locke's seat says he'll try for it in the primaries. January 8, 1994.
Excerpts of translation work (German-->English)
Available soon.

Publication history

May 1996-present. Northwest Asian Weekly, Seattle, WA.
Assistant Editor. Responsible for production aspects, layout, entering and formatting classified advertisement section, advertisement design and other design work, and occasional writing.
July 1995-March 1996. Center For Japanese Studies, Phillips-University Marburg, Marburg, Germany.
Translated the 85-page introduction (by Dr. Erich Pauer) to a history of Japanese technology from German to English. Edited scholarly articles written in English by German and Japanese researchers. Much of the fruit of this work have been published by the Marburg-Japan Series in the three-volume set, Papers on the History of Industry and Technology in Japan. My translation appears in Volume I; the articles I corrected appear in Volume II.
September 1992-May 1994. DePauw University, Greencastle, IN.
Occasionally contributed articles in the campus newspaper, The DePauw. Wrote an award-winning music review. Produced some news articles, several features, and several commentary articles.
January 1994. Northwest Asian Weekly, Seattle, WA.
Served as an intern for an English-language weekly geared toward Asian American audiences. Produced several front-page news stories. Also did some layout and advertisement design.
September 1990-May 1992.
Served as the editor of a high-school literary magazine, The Verbal Collage.

On The Net

The English Server
An extensive resource for everything from cooking to random techno-ramblings.
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