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About the Center for Duck Studies

A History of the Center for Duck Studies
Learn about the origins of the Center for Duck Studies and gain insight into where it's headed in the future.

Major Spiritual Documents

We regret that not all of these materials are available online in their complete form. Efforts are underway to correct this problem.

The Origins of the Universe
Long hidden in the archives in the attic of the Center for Duck Studies, this contribution from a studied Quack tells the story of the Cosmic Egg.
The Duck's Position on the Missionary
A very important effort toward understanding the importance of spreading Duckiness.
The Significance of Oranges and Leeks
from the Task Force on Other Ducky Concerns
Daily affirmations
Of the duck in our lives
Introduction to the Way of the Duck
The most critical elements of Duckism explained in simple terms. Also available in Transl-8-ed k-rad v3rsion.
Bits of Ducky Wisdom
Quiet examples of Ducky thoughts.
The Duckisutra
The opening chapter of the famous Duckist religious text.
The Priests, the Popes, and the Quacks
On Duckist organization
The Duck Face
How to do it and what it looks like.
The Physical Duck
An entymological explication of the Duck.
Meditations on the Duck
How you know when you Know.
The True Meaning of Duckmass
What Duckmass is all about.

From the Department of External Relations

It's An USENET Thing is available on some sites as a forum for the discussion and spread of duckiness. A number of spinoffs have also been discovered.
The Popes tend to scan first and foremost, but you'll also find Ducky people at and

From the Propaganda Department

On the DUCK WAY as YOUR salvation.
Are you Serious?
Answering the question on everyone's mind.
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